Metal Flashings

Metal Flashing Roof Geelong

Looking for a type of roof flasher to install which will last the distance? We recommend metal flashings.

These flashings are designed and manufactured to enhance a roofing system’s ability to withstand water damage and leakage. Flashings provide extra protection in places where water run off can be heavy.

As wind-driven rainwater can enter even the smallest spaces left between the frame of the window and your home, a lack of properly installed flashing can lead to later problems such as wood rot, structural damage and also insect infestation.

There are many different types and styles of roof flashings but what we prefer to use and recommend are metal flashings for durability and strength.

We also supply window flashing, essentially comprised of material installed around windows designed to prevent water from entering between gaps in adjoining building surfaces. Whether custom made or standard size flashings, we can help install the right type of roof flashings for you!

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