Geelong Colorbond Roofing

We are proud to supply and install Colorbond roofing, or Colourbond depending on what spell check you use – for all your roofing needs. You are sure to have a roof which you’ll love for years to come with our Colorbond roof options!

There are so many benefits to using Australia’s favourite steel building material.

  • Easy to install:
    Fast and easy to install because of its lightweight nature, this means paying less money for your contractor’s time.
  • Strength:
    Known for its durability and strength, Colorbond is tough and designed perfectly for Australian climates.
  • Energy efficient :
    Energy smart, a roof made from Colorbond steel can improve the overall thermal efficiency of your home. As well as saving you money on energy bills, this is also good news for the environment.
  • Variety of colours:
    With twenty designer colours in the standard range, the range of colour options makes replacing your roof fun! Choose a matching colour to your overall house or make a statement with a contrasting colour! See the Colorbond colour range.
  • Matching roofing options:
    Complementary to our roofing colours, we have Colorbond gutters, downpipes, fascias and more.

Recyclable material:
Steel is one of the most recycled materials on earth and structures made from steel can be easily dismantled, recycled and used again.
So if you’re after a Colourbond roof, look no further than our expert services here at Ezi-Flo Roofing Services!

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