Roof Repairs

Roof Repairs Geelong

Your local experts when it comes to roof repair.

From heritage roof restoration to modern roof repair, we will expertly fix any roofing repairs you need.

Perhaps it’s an old Californian style bungalow which desperately needing roof restoration? Or maybe your roof drips water every time it rains?

Not only are all these roofing issues terribly inconvenient, they have potential to cause damage around your house, including structural damage.

Not coincidentally, a major time when people often need roof repairs is when it rains. A faulty roofing system could mean the annoyance, trouble and likely damage which comes with roof leak repairs. This is certainly one common reason which drives people to pick up the phone and call us! Or perhaps you simply need roof maintenance? We’re able to help you with that too.

Whatever the problem may be, the quicker you have your roof repairs resolved, the better.

At Ezi-Flo Roofing Services, you can have complete confidence in the high quality of our repair work. Highly experienced and licensed roof plumbers, our professional and fully qualified team are known for their excellent roof repair work within the Geelong region. Perfect for older style house, this also includes our roof restoration work!

In fact, roof restorations are something we specialise in, be it in a house that’s eighteen or eighty years old. This could include cleaning tiles or material, and any necessary repair work.

As we use authentic BlueScope steel products for our quality work, metal roof restoration is a service we provide which is becoming more and more popular.

Do you need roofing contractors? All of our contractors are professionally trained and dedicated Ezi-Flo Roofing Services staff, not sub-contractors. As well as repairs, we also offer roof replacement in Geelong.