Drain Repairs

Drain repairs, Geelong

Have you got a blocked drain? Showers or baths being slow to drain or backflow from toilets are all signs that you could need your drain repaired. If you suspect that your drain is compromised in some way, prompt attention is usually needed to resolve the problem.

Unfortunately, drains seldom unblock themselves without outside assistance. The sooner you call us out, the sooner we can unblock your drain, allowing you to get back to normal! We are experienced plumbers in Geelong. Our team are happy to attend jobs in and around Geelong, providing a local service for nearby homes and businesses.

What causes blocked drains?

There are numerous reasons why drains can become blocked. As well as the notorious “fatbergs” – accumulations of fat and detritus which club together into large masses, blockages can also occur due to inappropriate items being flushed down the toilet, the incursion of tree roots, cracked pipes or clumps of hair. When we come out to you, we will usually identify the cause of the problem as well as resolve it, enabling you to take suitable steps to avoid the issue reoccurring at a later date.

Advanced methods for treating blocked drains in Geelong

We have the right equipment to penetrate deep into the sewage system, so if you’ve got a blockage towards the end of the pipe that’s nearest the mains, we have the right tools to clear it. Our equipment is suitable for drainage pipes of all diameters – even if you’ve got older pipework, we can still usually get it clear for you. If the blockage is due to a cracked, worn or broken pipe, we can repair or replace it for you, minimizing the risk of the same issue reoccurring.

Minimally invasive drain unblocking

We understand how important it is to minimise disruption whilst we unblock your drains. When you call us out, you can expect to receive a prompt, courteous and efficient service that results in a clear drain. Don’t forget that we offer an emergency call out service, with our team being available 24/7 to resolve your drainage issues.

Our team are also also available for water pipe repairs and replacements in Geelong.