Blocked Drains

Blocked Drain Plumber, Geelong

Have you got problems with your drains? Here are some warning signs that they’re blocked:

• Toilets, showers, sinks and baths take a long time to drain
• The drain makes gurgling noises
• There’s no drainage
• Bad smells waft out of the drains
• Waste water flows back into showers and baths

If you are experiencing any of these warning signs in your Geelong home, you should enlist the services of a blocked drain plumber immediately.

Blocked emergency stormwater drains

After heavy rain, your stormwater drains should be able to cope with the excess water. But in cases where the pipes are damaged, or there’s a blockage, you’ll notice some or all of the following:

• Pools or puddles of water form near the drain
• Surface grates or grids do not clear
• The drains make gurgling noises
• Irregular water flow from down pipes

Contact an experienced block drain plumber if your stormwater drains appear to be blocked.

Blocked sewage systems

Toilets and sewer pipes get blocked when we are not careful about what we flush. Some things you should never flush down the toilet include:

• Nappies
• Female sanitary products
• Condoms
• Food scraps
• Rags
• Wipes

If your toilet overflows or gets backed up, it’s probably blocked. Get a professional Geelong plumber to look at it ASAP.

Causes of blockages

Putting the wrong kinds of objects down the toilet is just one cause of blockages. Another common cause is tree roots. These can force their way into sewer pipes and stormwater pipes and are usually invisible from above the ground. Clearing tree roots from pipes can be a complex operation and is best left to someone with experience and the correct equipment and tools.

Hair is another common cause of blocked drains. When it binds with grease or other gooey materials it becomes an excellent clogging agent. Avoid problems with hair by installing hair guards over the drains of showers, baths and sinks. And clean the guards out regularly.

Food waste also clogs drains. Never put tea leaves, coffee grinds, grease or oil down the sink. If possible, compost all food waste.

Unblocking drains

If a blocked drain isn’t fixed quickly and properly, it can lead to costly damages to your property. If you’re in Geelong, the Bellarine Peninsula or the Surf Coast, call Ezi-Flo today and get your drains unblocked by our experienced and professional Geelong plumbers. We’ll get things flowing again in no time.

Ezi-Flo Group also provide general plumbing maintenance in Geelong and beyond, to ensure your drains and plumbing work properly year-round.